Chion In Wajun Kaikan

Chion-In Wajun Kaikan Review

Chion-in Wajun Kaikan is a highly-rated hotel located in Kyoto, Japan. Renowned for its spacious rooms with pleasant views, this renovated hotel offers a serene and clean atmosphere. With an exceptional location, rated 9.2/10, guests can easily explore nearby attractions in the East.

The hotel provides a unique experience, allowing guests to participate in the Buddhist morning ritual and enjoy a complimentary Buddhist ceremony in the temple. Plus, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan offers half-board options with delightful dinners and breakfasts, showcasing local Kyoto specialties and Buddhist vegetarian dishes.

Chion In Wajun Kaikan
Chion In Wajun Kaikan

The staff is well-known for their helpful and friendly service, and the hotel has excellent facilities such as free WiFi and parking. Guests can choose between Japanese-style tatami rooms or Western-style beds, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Chion-in Wajun Kaikan is a peaceful and picturesque hotel, offering a serene Buddhist experience and a convenient location near restaurants and sites in Kyoto.

Key Takeaways


  • Chion-in Wajun Kaikan is a highly-rated hotel in Kyoto, Japan with an excellent location and a peaceful atmosphere.
  • The hotel offers spacious and renovated rooms with amenities such as flat-screen TVs, safety deposit boxes, and fridges.
  • Guests can enjoy a variety of dining options, including traditional meals with local Kyoto specialties and Buddhist vegetarian dishes.
  • The hotel is conveniently located near attractions in the East, and guests can participate in the Buddhist morning ritual and enjoy a free Buddhist ceremony in the temple.

Location and Facilities

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

Chion-in Wajun Kaikan is located in the Higashiyama area of Kyoto, adjacent to the grounds of Chion-in Temple, offering a peaceful and picturesque location with various nearby restaurants and sites to explore.

This hotel has a range of features, including spacious rooms with flat-screen TVs, safety deposit boxes, and fridges. Guests can choose between Japanese-style accommodations with tatami floors and futon bedding or Western-style rooms with comfortable beds.

The hotel also offers spacious public baths and a gift shop.

In terms of dining options, guests can enjoy traditional meals with local Kyoto specialties and Buddhist vegetarian dishes. Plus, there are plenty of nearby restaurants and cafes to choose from, providing guests with a wide variety of dining choices during their stay.

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Guest Reviews and Ratings

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

Guest reviews and ratings for the hotel in Kyoto are highly positive, with guests praising the excellent location, cleanliness, comfort, and value for money of the accommodations. The hotel has received an overall satisfaction score of 8.6 based on 203 reviews.

Guests particularly appreciate the value for money they receive at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan, finding the prices reasonable for the quality of the accommodations and services provided. The excellent location of the hotel, rated 9.2/10, is also highly praised by guests, as it allows easy access to nearby attractions in the East and is described as cozy, quiet, and safe.

The cleanliness and comfort of the rooms, with spacious layouts and pleasant views, contribute to the overall satisfaction of guests staying at the hotel.

Room Options and Amenities

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

The room options at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan include a choice between traditional Japanese-style accommodations and Western-style rooms. The traditional rooms feature tatami floors with Japanese futon bedding, providing guests with an authentic cultural experience. On the other hand, the Western-style rooms offer the familiar comfort of Western beds. Both room options are designed to cater to the preferences of different guests.

In terms of amenities, the rooms at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan are equipped with modern conveniences. Each room is furnished with a flat-screen TV, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite shows and movies. Safety deposit boxes are also provided for guests to store their valuable belongings securely. Plus, the rooms are equipped with fridges, providing a convenient space to store food and beverages.

Overall, whether guests prefer a traditional or Western-style accommodation, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan offers comfortable and well-equipped rooms to suit their needs.

Nearby Attractions and Transportation

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

Located in the Higashiyama area of Kyoto, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan is conveniently situated within walking distance of popular attractions such as Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple. The hotel’s location provides easy access to nearby restaurants, allowing guests to explore the local culinary scene.

Plus, public transportation options are readily available, making it convenient for guests to navigate the city and visit other attractions. The hotel is a 5-minute walk from the Chion-in-mae Bus Stop, where guests can catch a public bus from JR Kyoto Train Station. Gion Shijo Train Station is also just a 10-minute walk away.

With its prime location, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan offers guests the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of Kyoto while enjoying the convenience of nearby amenities and transportation options.

Health and Safety Measures

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

To ensure the well-being of guests, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan has implemented additional health and safety measures. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel has established stringent protocols to prioritize the safety of its guests.

These protocols include heightened cleanliness standards and sanitation practices throughout the premises. The hotel has also implemented extra precautions such as regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces, hand sanitizing stations in common areas, and the use of personal protective equipment by staff members.

On top of that, the hotel has limited or temporarily suspended certain services and amenities to minimize contact and maintain social distancing.

By implementing these measures, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan give you a safe and secure environment for all guests, ensuring peace of mind during their stay.

Check-in and Check-out Information

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

Check-in and check-out information at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan includes a check-in time from 15:00 and a check-out time until 10:00.

Upon arrival, guests are required to provide a photo ID and credit card for check-in. It is recommended that guests inform the hotel of their expected arrival time. Special requests are subject to availability, and additional charges may apply. The check-in process is smooth and efficient, with the friendly and helpful staff ensuring a seamless experience.

As for check-out, guests are required to vacate their rooms by 10:00. Late check-out options may be available upon request, but this is subject to availability and additional charges may apply.

The hotel aims to accommodate guests’ needs and offers a convenient check-in and check-out process to ensure a pleasant stay.

Additional Services and Policies

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

Regarding additional services and policies, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan offers a range of amenities to ensure a convenient and comfortable stay.

These include a restaurant called ‘花水庵’, which offers traditional meals featuring local Kyoto specialties and Buddhist vegetarian dishes.

The hotel also provides facilities for disabled guests, allowing everyone to enjoy their stay.

Plus, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan offers free parking and WiFi, further enhancing the convenience for guests.

However, it is important to note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, certain services and amenities may be reduced or unavailable. For example, the buffet service is currently unavailable, and there may be limited or unavailable food and beverage services.

Despite these restrictions, guests can still enjoy Buddhist cultural experiences, such as participating in the Buddhist morning ritual and enjoying the peaceful and picturesque location near Chion-in Temple grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

Are pets allowed at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan?

Pet friendly accommodations are not available at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan. The hotel does not allow pets on the premises. Travelers looking for pet friendly hotels in Kyoto may need to consider alternative options.

Is there a curfew at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan?

Yes, there is a curfew at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan. Guests are required to be back at the hotel by 23:00. Plus, the hotel offers free parking for its guests.

Are there any temporary art galleries at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan?

Temporary art exhibitions featuring traditional Japanese art are available at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan. Guests can explore these galleries, showcasing various artworks, adding a cultural touch to their stay in Kyoto.

What is the check-in and check-out time at Chion-in Wajun Kaikan?

Chion-in Wajun Kaikan’s check-in time is from 15:00, while the check-out time is until 10:00. The hotel offers various amenities and facilities, including non-smoking rooms, free parking, free WiFi, a restaurant, and facilities for disabled guests.

How far is Chion-in Wajun Kaikan from Itami Airport?

The distance from Itami Airport to Chion-in Wajun Kaikan is approximately 24.6 miles. Transportation options to the hotel include taxi, bus, or train. Itami Airport is located in Osaka, Japan.

The Sum Up

Chion In Wajun Kaikan

To sum it up, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan is a highly-rated hotel in Kyoto, Japan, offering spacious rooms with a pleasant view and a quiet atmosphere.

The hotel’s excellent location, within walking distance of attractions in the East, makes it a convenient choice for travelers.

Guests can enjoy the Buddhist morning ritual and free Buddhist ceremony in the temple, adding a unique cultural experience to their stay.

The hotel’s half-board options provide delicious meals featuring local specialties and Buddhist vegetarian dishes.

With friendly staff, excellent facilities, and a range of room options, Chion-in Wajun Kaikan offers a peaceful and picturesque stay in Kyoto.