Gion Elite Terrace

Gion Elite Terrace Review, Photos & Best Prices

Gion Elite Terrace, a highly-rated 4-star hotel located in Kyoto, Japan, offers a luxurious and convenient stay for travelers seeking the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. Situated in a quiet area with a score of 9.4/10 for its fantastic location, this hotel provides easy access to popular attractions such as Kiyomizu-dera and Shoren-in Temples.

With 256 reviews from real guests, the hotel has received an impressive rating of 9.4, highlighting its excellent facilities, cleanliness, comfort, and value for money. The spacious rooms and great bathrooms have been praised by guests, while the multilingual staff, fluent in Japanese, English, and Chinese, ensure a seamless experience for international travelers.

With amenities like a sauna and a focus on being foreigner-friendly, Gion Elite Terrace aims to exceed expectations. Whether you’re exploring the nearby shops or hopping on a train or bus, this hotel offers the perfect base for your Kyoto adventures.

Key Takeaways

Gion Elite Terrace

  • Gion Elite Terrace is a 4-star hotel located in Kyoto, Japan.
  • The hotel has an excellent location, with a score of 9.4/10.
  • Guests have praised the cleanliness, comfort, and spacious rooms of the hotel.
  • The staff is multilingual and the hotel aims to be foreigner-friendly.

Location and Facilities

Gion Elite Terrace

Gion Elite Terrace in Kyoto, Japan, boasts a prime location with a score of 9.4/10, offering convenient access to nearby attractions, shops, trains, and buses. This allows guests to easily explore the vibrant city and its cultural treasures.

The hotel provides a range of facilities to enhance guests’ stay. For relaxation, there is a sauna where guests can unwind after a day of sightseeing. The spacious rooms offer a comfortable retreat, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. Plus, the hotel features a 24-hour free coffee machine in the lobby, providing a convenient perk for caffeine enthusiasts.

With its excellent amenities and services, Gion Elite Terrace aims to create a memorable experience for its guests. Whether guests are seeking adventure or a tranquil escape, this hotel offers the perfect base for exploring Kyoto.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Gion Elite Terrace

The guest reviews and ratings of Gion Elite Terrace indicate high levels of satisfaction among visitors. With an overall rating of 9.4 based on 256 reviews, guests have praised the hotel for its cleanliness, spacious rooms, and excellent bathroom facilities. The staff’s ability to speak multiple languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese, has also been appreciated. According to guest feedback, the hotel’s location in a quiet area, yet close to shops, trains, and buses, is a major advantage. The 24-hour free coffee machine in the lobby and good laundry facilities have also been well-received. However, some guests have noted that the hotel could improve its value for money and WiFi connection. Despite these minor drawbacks, the majority of guests express a high level of satisfaction and would be happy to stay at Gion Elite Terrace again.

Pros Cons Overall Satisfaction
Cleanliness Value for Money High
Spacious rooms WiFi connection High
Excellent bathroom
Convenient location
Multilingual staff

Attractions and Nearby Cities

Gion Elite Terrace

Located in the popular city of Kyoto, Gion Elite Terrace offers its guests convenient access to nearby attractions such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Shoren-in Temple.

These popular attractions are a must-visit for those seeking to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Kyoto. Kiyomizu-dera Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its stunning wooden architecture and panoramic views of the city. Shoren-in Temple, on the other hand, offers a tranquil escape with its beautiful gardens and serene atmosphere.

Along With these attractions, Gion Elite Terrace is also surrounded by other charming cities such as Osaka, Nara, Amagasaki, Otsu, and Hirakata, each with their own unique offerings. Exploring these nearby cities allows guests to experience the diverse beauty and cultural richness of the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gion Elite Terrace

What are the room rates at Gion Elite Terrace (Hotel) in Kyoto (Japan)?

Room rates at Gion Elite Terrace in Kyoto vary depending on the type of room chosen. Options include twin, double, suite, triple, and family rooms. Nearby attractions include Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Shoren-in Temple. Room amenities are not specified.

Is breakfast included in the room rates at Gion Elite Terrace (Hotel)?

Breakfast is not included in the room rates at Gion Elite Terrace (Hotel). However, the hotel offers special amenities such as a sauna, spacious rooms, and a 24hr free coffee machine in the lobby. Nearby attractions include Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Shoren-in Temple.

Does Gion Elite Terrace (Hotel) have a restaurant on-site?

Gion Elite Terrace does not have a restaurant on-site, but it does offer room service. However, there are numerous dining options near the hotel, including local restaurants, cafes, and eateries, providing guests with a variety of choices for their meals.

Are pets allowed at Gion Elite Terrace (Hotel)?

Pet friendly accommodations in Kyoto (Japan) are widely available, allowing travelers to explore the city with their furry companions. Many hotels in Japan welcome pets, providing a sense of freedom and adventure for pet owners seeking inclusive accommodations.

Does Gion Elite Terrace (Hotel) provide airport shuttle services?

Gion Elite Terrace in Kyoto, Japan offers airport shuttle services as part of their transportation options. This convenient service allows guests to easily travel to and from the airport, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable stay at the hotel.

The Sum Up

Gion Elite Terrace

To sum it up, Gion Elite Terrace in Kyoto, Japan, is a highly-rated 4-star hotel that offers a fantastic location and excellent amenities. With a score of 9.4/10 and positive reviews from real guests, it is clear that the hotel is highly regarded.

The staff’s ability to speak multiple languages and the hotel’s foreigner-friendly approach make it convenient for international travelers. The hotel’s proximity to popular attractions and its spacious and clean rooms contribute to its appeal. With extra health and safety measures in place, guests can feel reassured during their stay.

Overall, Gion Elite Terrace is a top choice for travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and a memorable experience in Kyoto.