Hokkaido Flowers During Summer


Hokkaido is an island at Japan’s northern boundary, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in all directions. The island is gaining popularity as a tourist destination throughout all four seasons. It is an extensive land, accounting for 22% of Japan’s total area. Low humidity makes the summers pleasant, while in winter you can enjoy winter sports.

In Hokkiado you can enjoy the magnificence of nature to your heart’s content: the secluded Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula; Daisetsu-zan National Park, which forms the roof of Hokkaido; Kushiro Marsh, home to numerous precious living things such as Japanese cranes; the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, which is full of volcanoes and lakes; and the ever-changing Shakotan Coast. There are also numerous hot springs, like Noboribetsu-onsen, Jozan-kei-onsen and Soun-kyo-onsen Hot Springs, where you can leisurely get over the weariness from your journey.

Hokkaido boasts over 1,200 festivals and events all year round.In winter there is the Sapporo Snow-matsuri Festival and Monbetsu Ice Floes-matsuri Festival. In summer there is the Furano Lavender-matsuri Festival, as well as port-matsuri festivals in every coastal town to pray for a good catch and safe fishing.

Hokkaido’s Shin-Chitose Airport is 1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport, and 2 hours 10 minutes from Osaka Itami Aiport.Around 17 hours by sleeping car from Tokyo to Sapporo.