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Matsuyama Castle

Matsuyama Jo Castle
Matsuyama Jo Castle

Matsuyama Castle is a hilltop Japanese castle located in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. It was constructed during the Edo period and is one of twelve surviving castles from that era. The main keep of the castle has five stories and offers stunning views of Matsuyama City. There are also several historical buildings on site including an archery range, armory, tea house, shrine and more. Visitors can explore these sites as well as take part in cultural activities such as samurai sword fighting demonstrations or traditional music performances held inside the castle grounds.


Bansuisō is a historic residence built by Shigetomi Taira in 1820s for his family to use when visiting Dogo Onsen Honkan Main Building nearby. The building features two stories with wide corridors connecting each room decorated with beautiful tatami mats and sliding doors made from cypress wood panels imported from Kyoto’s famous Kiyomizu Temple carpenters at that time. Today it serves as a museum showcasing artifacts related to its original owner’s life such as furniture pieces used by him, artwork he collected over years along with other items associated with Dogo Onsen culture like old photographs depicting hot spring scenes back then .

Dogo Onsen Honkan Main Building

The Dogo Onsen Honkan Main Building stands proudly near downtown Matsuyama since its construction around 1880s . This iconic wooden structure was designed based on Japan’s oldest existing bathhouse architecture style called “Ganpari-zukuri” which consists mainly of steep roofs covered entirely by shingles overlapping each other resembling fish scales pattern known locally here “ganpari” meaning carp scales .


Asuka-no-yu is a modern onsen facility located close to Dogo Onsen Station. This luxurious spa offers visitors many amenities including private rooms with natural hot springs water for bathing, saunas, massage services and relaxation areas where you can unwind after your soak.

Dogo High Shopping Color Street

This vibrant shopping street runs through downtown Matsuyama near Dogo High School and features over 300 stores selling everything from fashion items to souvenirs to local delicacies like konbu seaweed candy. There are also plenty of cafes here if you need a break from all the shopping!