Tsutenkaku Tower


Shinsekai is a vibrant and colorful district located in southern Osaka, Japan. The name Shinsekai means “New World” in Japanese, and it was originally built in the early 1900s as an entertainment district. Today, Shinsekai is known for its lively atmosphere, unique architecture, and delicious food.

The district is home to several landmarks, including the iconic Tsutenkaku Tower, which is a well-known symbol of Osaka. The tower features an observation deck that offers stunning views of the city and is a popular destination for tourists. Other popular attractions in Shinsekai include the Janjan Yokocho alley, which is lined with various restaurants and bars, and the Spa World, which is a large hot spring theme park.

Tsutenkaku Tower

Shinsekai is also known for its unique architecture, which features a mix of traditional Japanese and Western styles. Many of the buildings in the district are designed to resemble European buildings from the early 1900s, giving it a distinct and nostalgic atmosphere.

Shinsekai is known for its delicious food, including Osaka-style street food such as kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers), takoyaki (octopus balls), and okonomiyaki (savory pancakes). There are also many restaurants and cafes in the area that serve local specialties and international cuisine.

Things To Do In Shinsekai

Tsutenkaku Tower

There are a lot of fun things to do in Shinsekai. Here are some of the highlights:

Visit Tsutenkaku Tower: The tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Osaka and offers fantastic views from its observation deck.

Try local food: Shinsekai is known for its delicious street food, including Takoyaki (octopus balls), Kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers), and Fugu (blowfish).

Take A Dip At Spa World: This massive hot spring complex features different themed baths from around the world, making it an excellent place to relax after a long day exploring Osaka.

Arcade games at Round 1 Stadium or Adores Arcade: These arcades offer hundreds of games, including popular Japanese titles like Taiko no Tatsujin and Mario Kart.

Take photos with Billiken statue: Located near Tsutenkaku Tower’s entrance, Billiken is considered by many as an icon of Shinsekai who brings good luck to those who touch his feet.

Visit Janjan Yokocho: A narrow alley that features old-fashioned restaurants and bars with a nostalgic atmosphere.

Explore Tennoji Park: This large park is located near Tsutenkaku Tower and houses several attractions like the Tennoji Zoo, Art Museum, Natural History Museum, and an observation tower.

Shop at Don Quijote: A famous discount store chain where you can buy souvenirs or anything else you might need during your trip to Japan.

Check out the nightlife in Tobita-Shinchi: An infamous red-light district known for its neon-lit streets lined with hostess clubs and more seedy establishments – but be aware that photography is strictly prohibited here!

These are just a few examples; there’s certainly no shortage of fun activities to choose from when exploring Shinsekai!

Direction To Shinekai

Shinsekai is easily accessible by public transportation. Here are directions from some of the major train stations in Osaka:

From Osaka Station:

1. Take the JR Loop Line (Yamatoji Rapid Service) heading towards Tennoji.
2. Get off at Shin-Imamiya Station and transfer to the Midosuji Subway line heading southbound.
3. Get off at Dobutsuen-Mae Station, which is only a few minutes walk away from Shinsekai.

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From Namba Station & Dotonbori

1. Take the Midosuji subway line south
2. Get off at Dobutsuen-mae station, then take exit 5 and follow signs for “Tsutenkaku Tower”, which leads you directly into Shinsekai

The Sum Up

Overall, Shinsekai is a great destination for anyone traveling to Osaka. With its lively atmosphere, unique architecture, and delicious food, it offers a glimpse into the vibrant culture and history of this dynamic city.