Mount Takao Pass

Things To Do At Mount Takao In Tokyo

Mount Takao, located in Tokyo, offers visitors a stack of activities and attractions to enjoy. From relaxing in the Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu hot spring facility to learning at the Takao 599 Museum, there’s something for everyone.

Mount Takao Pass
Mount Takao Pass

Cultural and historical sites like Takaosan Yakushi-ji Temple provide a serene setting, while hiking trails to Mount Jinba offer breathtaking views.

Scenic rides on the Mt. Takao Cable Car and Chairlift make exploring the area convenient. With evening firefly tours, rural exploration on the Kominato Railway, and fruit picking in Okutama, adventure awaits around every corner.

And for the more daring, a challenging hike to Mount Kumotori awaits.

Key Takeaways

  • Relaxation and wellness: Enjoy the soothing hot springs at Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu and indulge in the various themed baths.
  • Learning and education: Visit the Takao 599 Museum to learn about the mountain’s ecology and explore the diverse plant and animal species.
  • Cultural and historical sites: Discover the traditional crafts and peaceful setting of Takaosan Yakushi-ji Temple, established in 744 CE.
  • Hiking and nature exploration: Take on the challenging hike to Mount Jinba for panoramic views of the Okutama region and experience blooming flowers during spring and summer.

Relaxation and Wellness at Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu

Visitors seeking relaxation and wellness can unwind at Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu. This hot spring facility offers seven indoor and outdoor baths with natural mineral waters from 1,000 meters underground.

This serene oasis provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic waters while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

The open-air bath, with its picturesque mountain backdrop, offers a truly rejuvenating experience. For a unique twist, try the themed baths like the aroma cypress bath, which uses essential oils to enhance relaxation.

With an entry fee of ¥1,100 on weekdays and ¥1,300 on weekends, Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu is an affordable and accessible option for those seeking a peaceful and liberating retreat.

Learning and Education at Takao 599 Museum

The Takao 599 Museum, located at the base of the mountain near Takaosanguchi Station, provides detailed information on the natural ecology surrounding Mount Takao. This includes 1,500 plant varieties, 100 bird species, and 4,000 insect types.

This museum is a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking to learn more about the diverse ecosystem of the area. Visitors can explore exhibits that showcase live samples of local flora and fauna, allowing them to get up close and personal with the unique biodiversity of Mount Takao.

With free entry and open daily from 8am-5pm, the Takao 599 Museum offers a wealth of knowledge and a chance to deepen one’s understanding of the natural world. So whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply curious about the intricate web of life on the mountain, this museum is a must-visit destination.

Cultural and Historical Sites at Takaosan Yakushi-ji Temple

Mount Takao Pass
Mount Takao Pass

Nestled in a peaceful wooded setting, Takaosan Yakushi-ji Temple is a small temple located just a 5-minute walk from Takaosanguchi Station.

Established in 744 CE, this temple offers a cultural and historical experience for visitors to Mount Takao.

As you approach the temple, you’ll be greeted by the detailed reliefs on the Main Hall, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of the past.

Inside, you’ll find a serene atmosphere, perfect for contemplation and reflection.

On weekends, local residents sell handmade woven bamboo baskets and wood carvings, adding to the charm of the temple.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply seeking a tranquil escape, Takaosan Yakushi-ji Temple provides a unique and enriching experience.

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this hidden gem in Tokyo.

Hiking and Nature Exploration to Mount Jinba

Hikers can embark on a strenuous 7.5km hike from Mount Takao’s summit to explore the scenic trail leading to Mount Jinba, offering panoramic views of the Okutama region’s rolling mountains.

This challenging hike takes about 3.5 hours one-way from the summit, but it is well worth the effort for nature enthusiasts seeking freedom and adventure.

Along the trail, hikers will pass through open fields adorned with blooming flowers during the spring and summer months, adding to the picturesque scenery.

The trail to Mount Jinba also offers the advantage of fewer crowds compared to the popular Mount Takao route, allowing hikers to fully enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness.

With its stunning vistas and invigorating terrain, this hike is a must-do for those seeking a thrilling and liberating outdoor experience.

Scenic Rides on the Mt. Takao Cable Car and Chairlift

Mount Takao Pass
Mount Takao Pass

Visitors can enjoy a scenic ride on the Mt. Takao Cable Car and Chairlift. The cable car and chairlift depart from Takaosanguchi Station and provide a convenient and breathtaking way to navigate the steepest parts of the hike.

The cable car takes just 6 minutes to cover the steep sections. You can sit back and admire the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It offers a unique perspective of the mountain and is perfect for those who want to take in the beauty without exerting too much effort.

If you prefer a more leisurely experience, the chairlift offers a 12-minute ride through the forest. It provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere. It is also a great way to enjoy the mountain scenery without too much physical exertion.

Both rides on the cable car and chairlift are must-try experiences for anyone visiting the area. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure or a relaxing escape, the Mt. Takao Cable Car and Chairlift are perfect options.

Wildlife Observation at Takao Monkey Park

Mount Takao Pass
Mount Takao Pass

The Takao Monkey Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to observe over 100 resident Japanese macaques in their natural habitat along Trail 1 of Mount Takao. As visitors walk along the trail, they can observe these fascinating creatures as they roam freely, play, and interact with one another.

The park provides an enclosed wooden deck where visitors can safely watch the monkeys up close. Caretakers at the park even call the monkeys by name to collect food, allowing visitors to witness their intelligent and social behavior.

This immersive experience allows nature enthusiasts and animal lovers to connect with these incredible creatures in a way that feels authentic and respectful. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply curious about these intelligent primates, a visit to the Takao Monkey Park is a must for anyone seeking a memorable and educational encounter with nature.

Unique Experiences on an Evening Firefly Tour

Joining an evening firefly tour provides a unique opportunity to witness the enchanting natural phenomenon of thousands of fireflies lighting up the forests around Mount Takao. This magical experience allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature and witness these tiny creatures create a mesmerizing light show.

The tours, which typically run from 7-9pm, offer a special night hiking experience, providing participants with hiking sticks, flashlights, and mosquito repellent. It’s important to choose a day with little rain or wind for the best firefly viewing.

As you explore the darkened forest, the soft glow of the fireflies illuminates the surroundings, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Rural Exploration on the Kominato Railway

Riding the Kominato Railway offers a unique opportunity to explore rural towns and fields, allowing travelers to enjoy the countryside and experience the charm of the local communities.

The retro one-car railway departs from Haijima Station and takes passengers on a scenic journey through picturesque landscapes. As the train passes through rural towns, passengers can catch glimpses of traditional houses, lush green fields, and peaceful countryside.

The stops along the way, such as Sakai, are famous for strawberry picking from January to May, giving visitors a chance to indulge in the local produce.

The one-way tickets from Haijima to Akigase cost ¥370, making it an affordable option for those seeking a unique and immersive experience in the Japanese countryside.

Travelers looking for freedom and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city will find solace in the tranquil surroundings and authentic charm of the rural towns they encounter on the Kominato Railway.

Fruit Picking in Okutama

Visitors can indulge in the local produce by going fruit picking in Okutama, with fruit orchards in the neighboring town offering the opportunity to pick strawberries, grapes, pears, apples, and more. The fertile lands of Okutama provide the perfect environment for these delicious fruits to thrive.

Here’s what visitors can expect when they go fruit picking in Okutama:

  • Abundance of Choices: The fruit orchards in Okutama offer a wide variety of fruits for visitors to pick. From juicy strawberries to sweet grapes, and from crisp apples to succulent pears, there is something for everyone’s taste buds.
  • Fresh and Organic: The fruit orchards in Okutama take pride in their organic farming practices. Visitors can be assured that the fruits they pick are fresh, free from pesticides, and bursting with natural flavors.
  • Fun for All: Fruit picking in Okutama is not just about the delicious fruits, but also about the experience. It is a fun and interactive activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are with family or friends, it is a great way to bond and create lasting memories.

Challenging Hike to Mount Kumotori

Experienced hikers can challenge themselves by hiking the trail to Mount Kumotori, the highest peak in Tokyo, which starts from Okutama and takes about 5-6 hours one-way. This demanding hike is perfect for those seeking a thrilling adventure and breathtaking views.

The trail to Mount Kumotori features suspension bridges and ladders, adding an element of excitement to the journey. As hikers ascend, they will pass by multiple smaller peaks, each offering its own unique vantage point.

It is important to check weather reports before embarking on this hike and to come prepared with sturdy hiking boots and sufficient supplies.

The sense of freedom and accomplishment that comes from conquering Mount Kumotori is unparalleled, making it a must-do for avid hikers looking for an unforgettable experience in Tokyo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Evening Firefly Tour Last?

The evening firefly tour lasts from 7-9pm. During late May to early June, thousands of fireflies illuminate the forests around Mount Takao. Hikers can join a special night tour to witness this natural phenomenon.

What Is the Cost of Entry to the Takao Monkey Park and Wildflower Garden?

The cost of entry to the Takao Monkey Park and wildflower garden is ¥500. Visitors can observe over 100 resident Japanese macaques and enjoy the beautiful flora in this unique attraction.

Are There Any Restrictions or Requirements for the Challenging Hike to Mount Kumotori?

There are no specific restrictions or requirements for the challenging hike to Mount Kumotori. However, it is recommended for experienced hikers who should check weather reports, wear hiking boots, and carry sufficient supplies.

How Long Does It Take to Reach the Fruit Orchards in Okutama From Takaosanguchi Station?

It takes approximately 40-60 minutes by bus from Takaosanguchi Station to reach the fruit orchards in Okutama. Visitors can enjoy picking their own strawberries, grapes, pears, apples, and more.

What Is the Best Time of Year for Fruit Picking in Okutama?

The best time of year for fruit picking in Okutama, one town over from Mount Takao, varies depending on the type of fruit. It is recommended to check the pickable fruits by season before visiting.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, Mount Takao in Tokyo offers a stack of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

From relaxing in the Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu hot spring facility to learning about the natural ecology at the Takao 599 Museum, there is something for everyone.

Cultural and historical sites like Takaosan Yakushi-ji Temple provide a peaceful setting, while hiking to Mount Jinba offers breathtaking views.

Scenic rides on the cable car and chairlift allow for convenient sightseeing, and unique experiences like firefly tours and rural exploration add a special touch.

Whether it’s fruit picking in Okutama or embarking on a challenging hike to Mount Kumotori, Mount Takao promises adventure and exploration for all.