Japan Rail Pass And Resrved Seat Tickets Between Narita And Tokyo

Where You To Buy Your Japan Rail Pass before Price Rise: Best & Cheapest JR Pass Sellers

When it comes to buying your Japan Rail Pass, there are two important factors to consider: budget and travel preferences. We’ve compiled some key aspects for you to contemplate in order to make an informed decision.

Note: New Pricing Effective October 1

Please note that starting from October 1, there will be revised pricing for transactions made after this date. See below for the details including how to still buy at the old prices.

Pressed for Time?

If time is of the essence, here’s a quick snapshot to guide you on where to purchase your Japan Rail Pass before your trip to Japan:

Vendor Price in USD Shipping Purchase Method
Klook $205 Included Fast Shipping Purchase via Klook
JRPass.com $216 Included Courier Service Purchase on JRPass.com
JTB $216 Free or $13 for courier Reach Out to Local Office
Get Your Guide $222 Included Courier Service Purchase via Get Your Guide
JRailPass.com $216 Included Courier Service Purchase on JRailPass.com

Note: We highly recommend Klook for your JR Pass purchase due to their lowest prices, free global shipping, and great customer service and reviews.

Attention: Japan Rail Pass Price Hike. Don’t Miss Out.

Japan Rail Pass And Resrved Seat Tickets Between Narita And Tokyo
Japan Rail Pass

Sad news for travelers planning to visit Japan. The JR Group Company has announced a massive upcoming price hike for the Japan Rail Pass.

It’s important to take note of the final date, September 30th, 2023, when you can still purchase these passes at their current rates.

Once purchased on or before September 30th, this pass can be activated within a generous window of 90 days from its purchase. For example, if you buy it on that crucial cut-off day in September mentioned earlier (yes indeed.), last-minute activations are acceptable until December 28th of the same year.

Don’t miss out on securing your ultimate travel companion and avoiding dramatic cost increases – act swiftly while there’s still time left.

Note that as far as we know Klook is the only supplier that has guaranteed the old price right up until September 30th. Most Other sellers have given themselves a few day’s leeway and plan to stop selling at the old prices a few days before.

Upcoming Price Changes for Japan Rail Pass

Here’s how the pricing will change for different types of Japan Rail Passes:

Pass Type Previous Price Updated Price
Regular 7 days 29,650 yen 50,000 yen
Regular 14 days 47,250 yen 80,000 yen
Regular 21 days 60,450 yen 100,000 yen
Green 7 days 39,600 yen 70,000 yen
Green 14 days 64,120 yen 111,000 yen
Green 21 days 83,390 yen 140,000 yen

Note that these price changes represent a significant increase, especially for the standard passes.

The cost structure for the Japan Rail Pass will soon be undergoing significant adjustments. Below are the details:

  • Standard 7-Day Pass: Previously priced at 29,650 yen, it will now be available for 50,000 yen.
  • Standard 14-Day Pass: Formerly 47,250 yen, the updated price will be 80,000 yen.
  • Standard 21-Day Pass: Initially 60,450 yen, the new cost will be 100,000 yen.

Premium Green Passes

For travelers interested in a more luxurious experience, the Green Passes will also see a price change:

  • Green Pass for 7 Days: From the old price of 39,600 yen, it will escalate to 70,000 yen.
  • Green Pass for 14 Days: Originally 64,120 yen, it will soon be 111,000 yen.
  • Green Pass for 21 Days: Initially priced at 83,390 yen, the updated cost will be 140,000 yen.

Where To Buy The Japan Rail Price At The Old Prices

Japan Rail Pass
Japan Rail Pass

After their initial sudden announcement in April, The Japan Rail Group hasn’t given much more info about all the details of the Japan Rail Pass price hike. But it has now been confirmed that passes purchased before September 28th will still be at the lower.

This may depend on where you choose to buy your pass from. Klook is a good option as they have been the best outputting information and have guaranteed that they will keep the price down right up until September the 28th 2023. So you have 90 days of until December 27 to activate your pass and be one of the final few lucky souls to enjoy this great valued offer.

Where to Buy the JR Pass?

In the past, purchasing the Japan Rail Pass was exclusive to travelers with a valid entry stamp in their passports and could only be done outside of Japan through third-party websites. However, as of March 31st, 2024, this restriction has changed. Now individuals have two options for buying the pass: either in person from a JR Pass ticket counter or online prior to their trip.

To help you decide where is best to obtain your JR pass, we present several scenarios below that will assist you in making an informed decision about whether booking via a third party offers any advantages or if obtaining your pass directly from Japan would be preferable.

Purchasing Your Pass

If you’re looking for the most affordable option, choosing a third-party supplier is your best bet. Comparing prices between Japanese suppliers and third-party platforms like Klook or JRPass.com, opting for a third-party supplier will save you around 12% in expenses compared to buying directly from Japan.

Pass Rates in Yen

Here are the exact rates, denoted in yen, for various types of adult passes. Similarly, children’s passes and alternative durations of Green Car passes show similar fluctuations.

Where To Buy Your Japan Rail Pass

Navigating the sea of available vendors to purchase your Japan Rail (JR) Pass can be challenging. Let’s delve deeper into some of the top options to consider.

Buying Your JR Pass via japanrailpass.net

Contrary to misconceptions, japanrailpass.net is the authentic website backed by Japan Rail. Should you opt to get your JR Pass while already in Japan, this is your go-to platform.

What’s the downside? Based on our findings, getting your pass here costs around 12% more compared to online pre-orders from platforms like Klook. For instance, a 7-day pass here costs 33,610 Yen versus 29,650 Yen when pre-ordered.

Come October 1st, it’s unclear but likely that the increased rates will stabilize across platforms. If so, acquiring directly from japanrailpass.net may become the preferred choice for many, but it will only be economical if you have extensive Shinkansen travels planned.

Klook: A Trusted Platform for Your JR Pass

Klook Discount Coupon For Japan Rail Pass
Klook Discount Coupon For Japan Rail Pass

With its extensive global network, Klook is a recognized player in the travel industry. Beyond JR Passes, Klook features a stack of services like guided tours and local transportation.

We’ve personally used Klook for an upcoming trip and enjoyed not only the convenience but the quick four-day delivery and a useful digital guide. On top of that their no-cost worldwide shipping often makes them the most cost-effective choice for a JR Pass.

>>Purchase Your Pass On Klook Here<<

Is Klook a Reliable Source for a JR Pass?

Absolutely, Klook is a trusted Hong Kong-based provider, potentially the largest JR Pass seller outside of JR itself. Transparency is their hallmark—no hidden fees. They have also locked in reduced prices until September 30, 2023, offering an edge for those seeking to evade the expected price surge.

Another plus? The Klook website features high-caliber reviews and useful user photos, and it’s also ideal for regional JR Passes or event tickets like Shibuya Sky or Tokyo Tower.

Can You Use a Klook Discount for Your JR Pass?

While Klook doesn’t officially offer this, we’ve managed to locate a unique link that shaves $5 off your JR Pass price. Use this link right before your checkout to apply this modest but handy discount.

JTB: For In-Person Purchases

If online transactions make you uneasy, JTB offers a reliable alternative. Being one of the most prominent travel agencies in Japan with a worldwide network, their reputation is solid.

They also provide helpful resources such as travel brochures and maps. We can vouch for their credibility and customer service quality.

Buying Through JRailPass.com

Appearing frequently in online searches about JR Pass, JRailPass.com has its own set of merits and downsides.

Is JRailPass.com Safe?

Don’t let the official-sounding name confuse you. JRailPass.com is a Spain-based third-party vendor, not the official source for JR Passes.

Still unsure about its legitimacy? Rest easy. Despite isolated customer complaints, most reviews point to a generally positive experience, even offering discounted deals on other travel essentials like Pocket Wifi and sim cards.

Buying Your JR Pass via Get Your Guide

Best known for its vast assortment of tours and experiences, Get Your Guide has recently expanded its offerings to include JR Passes. They are a reputable option, especially for those residing in Europe.

Our experience with booking Morning Sumo Wrestling tickets through them was seamless and they have many positive reviews..

Japan Rail Pass Delivery and Supplementary Features

I recently purchased travel passes through Klook, a trusted platform known for its reliable services. Having utilized their services extensively in the past (excluding the Rail Pass), I wanted to verify my own recommendation. To my delight, within four days of ordering, they promptly delivered my passes along with a helpful digital guide on how to effectively use them.

Another option worth considering is JRPass.com which offers supplementary features that will be discussed further below.

Locating Your Nearest JTB Office and Authorized Suppliers

We have personally used the services of JTB in Australia. It’s worth mentioning that apart from Canada, USA, and UK, they may also have offices in other locations. While our interaction with them is as customers, it is noteworthy that Japan Rail officially recognizes JTB as one of their suppliers. For detailed information on finding your closest JTB office or obtaining a list of authorized suppliers in your area, please consult this comprehensive directory provided for reference purposes.

Alternative Possibilities

When it comes to purchasing Japan Rail Passes, there are other options worth considering. Get Your Guide, for example, has established a reliable reputation with expanded offerings that now include Japan Rail Passes.

Similarly, numerous online platforms like JR Pass and Japan Rail Pass in various iterations have proven to be trustworthy sources of purchase. However, I prefer discussing companies that I have personally experienced rather than those I haven’t had the chance to try yet.

Price Variations Among Companies

Typically, prices among different companies tend to be quite similar as they are based on the cost determined by Japanese rail companies. Therefore, caution should be exercised if any company offers a significantly lower price for the JR Pass compared to others. The variation in pricing usually comes from how the pass is delivered – courier services generally incur higher costs than regular mail or express postage.

To give you an idea of current pricing for a 7-Day Pass offered by popular companies (prices displayed in Australian dollars; links will show local currency), here’s an overview:

Trip Timing and Japan Rail Pass

When planning your trip to Japan, consider timing. If departure is within 14 days, buying a Japan Rail Pass in Japan is best. Third-party sites may not sell passes for trips during this period. This happens because the pass you buy is actually a voucher that needs to be exchanged for the actual ticket upon arrival in Japan. The process proves tourist status and requires an eligible stamp on your passport.

If you choose a third-party purchase, they’ll mail the physical voucher needing enough time before departure. On japanrailpass.net’s official website based in Japan itself, get an electronic version instantly anytime. But remember even with online purchases through their platform; there remains one last step – swapping said electronic voucher with authentic tickets while presenting both items alongside your passport once you arrive at your destination.

Rail Pass Pick-Up and Purchase Options for Budget Travelers

If you’re on a tight budget and haven’t planned ahead, some major cities have physical offices where you can collect your rail pass. For example, JTB used to offer this service in Sydney and now Klook provides pick-up options during specific hours. It’s a good idea to ask about this possibility.

Alternatively, if your trip is scheduled for later, you can choose between buying directly or through a third-party seller. Just be careful not to purchase more than 90 days before the intended day of use as the voucher will expire before arriving in Japan.

Travel Assistance Services in Japan

If you’re feeling perplexed by Japan and concerned about the language barrier, consider purchasing your rail pass from a reliable supplier like JRPass.com. They offer a meet and greet option where someone will help you exchange your voucher for the pass, book your first train if needed, and even assist with portable wifi collection. For AU$132 (US$89 or £106), this service can greatly benefit weary travelers. Get Your Guide also provides similar services to ensure a smoother experience during your trip. Don’t let travel overwhelm you – take advantage of these helpful resources.

Traveling during Golden Week?

Planning to travel during Golden Week in Japan? This is a popular period for travelers, usually between April 29 and May 6 (dates may vary). If you’re traveling on well-traveled routes like Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka, be prepared for crowded trains. To have a smooth trip, consider purchasing your pass directly from JapanRailPass.net if:

1. You are traveling with a larger group and want to sit together.
2. Your itinerary requires specific train departures.
3. You have oversized luggage that needs space in the designated area (refer here for Shinkansen luggage rules).
4.Arriving or departing within the next two days necessitates secure online reservations before reaching Japan.

For more details on traveling Tokyo during Golden Week, refer here

Secure Online Reservations for Japan Travel

If you’re staying in Japan for a week or longer and have some flexibility with your travel plans, purchasing from Japan will offer the security of pre-booking online reservations. Whether you’re traveling alone or as a couple with small luggage, obtaining a pass from an external vendor is sufficient as long as seat reservations are made promptly upon arrival.

Convenient Train Pass Booking in Tokyo

Avoid long lines and travel easily by booking your train rides from your hotel room. Purchase the pass directly from JapanRailPass.net for a hassle-free experience. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to exchange your e-voucher at an Exchange Office, but it’s worth it for the time and cost savings.

To save even more money, avoid picking up your Japan Rail Pass at the airport as it offers little advantage financially. Instead, consider other stations for pick-up to skip crowded airports and ensure availability of onward train reservations. Check out our recommended station finder tool or refer to JapanRailPass.net’s comprehensive list of options.

Selecting a Starting Point in Tokyo

When choosing where to begin your exploration of Tokyo, consider options beyond the popular Tokyo Station. Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, or Shinagawa can also be viable choices. To minimize wait times during peak hours, opt for quieter periods like mid-afternoon. Improve efficiency by pre-planning your journey using the Navitime app – determine travel time and identify specific train numbers for convenience. For comprehensive trip organization assistance, our Japan Rail Pass planner on Etsy offers affordable downloadable planning sheets and valuable tips and tricks.

(Note: I apologize if this response exceeds 4 words)

Third-party providers offer passes at the original rate until September’s end

Several third-party providers are offering passes at the original rate until the end of September. These passes will be valid for travelers arriving in Japan before December 28th, with travel allowed until the end of January. Keep in mind that each company has different terms and conditions.

For example, Klook allows customers to purchase their Whole Japan Pass at the current price until September 30, 2023, as long as their travels are scheduled before December 28th. The voucher must then be activated within one month after exchanging it physically in Japan by December 28th, 2023.

Last Day When You Can Activate And Use Your Japan Rail Pass

The official closing date for pass sales is still pending, but expired vouchers will be accepted within three months of issuance. Modifications are scheduled for October, so it’s advised to purchase your passes before September 28th if possible. Exchange orders submitted by this deadline can still be activated in Japan until December 28th, 2023. After the price update takes effect, ordering vouchers at previous rates will no longer be an option. To purchase your pass with JRPass.com and benefit from old rate pricing, visit here: [link]

Flexibility and Validity of JR Passes

Just a friendly reminder, you can select your pass’s starting date within 30 days after exchanging your voucher. For example, if you exchange your voucher on December 26th, 2023, you can start using the pass from January 19th onwards. Remember to exchange the voucher before December 28th and choose January 19th as the start date. Keep in mind that the purchased voucher is only valid for up to 90 days; therefore avoid buying a December voucher in August.

Make sure to stay within this time frame (within 90 days) when selecting your desired day for swapping vouchers with JR directly at present. However, JR has not made any official statements regarding whether old prices are still available through their official site.

Buying a Rail Pass: Pros and Cons

If you’re traveling from outside of Japan, you may not have an address for voucher delivery. In this case, it might be easier to get the electronic version in Japan. Here’s a brief list of advantages and disadvantages to help you decide where to purchase your Rail Pass for your upcoming trip.

Advantages of Buying JR Rail Pass in Japan

Purchasing the JR Rail Pass directly from Japan has perks. No wait time for voucher delivery and online seat reservations reduce queueing inconveniences. However, it may be slightly more expensive than other options available.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Purchasing a JR Rail Pass

Purchasing a JR Rail Pass from an alternative source offers advantages. One benefit is the ability to acquire your voucher up to 90 days in advance, allowing for better budgeting. Plus, buying through a third party can save you approximately 12 percent compared to other options. If your arrival date is before December 28th, 2023, you can still purchase at the previous rate.

However, there are drawbacks associated with this transaction. You cannot reserve train tickets online and may need to wait in line or use seat reservation machines instead. During busy periods on popular lines, seats may be sold out due to high demand and traffic constraints.

Choosing a Japan Rail Pass

If you’re still unsure about whether to get a Japan Rail Pass, check out our comprehensive guide on its suitability for you. Find it here.

But if your plans are limited to Tokyo, let me spoil it for you: getting a JR Pass is most likely not necessary.

If the process of exchanging vouchers or understanding train accessibility and seat reservations seems confusing, refer to our invaluable guide titled ‘How the JR Pass Works’.
Who is eligible to buy a JR Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass is exclusively for individuals who are entering Japan with a foreign passport and holding a “temporary visitor” visa, commonly known as a tourist visa. Individuals of Japanese nationality or foreign residents possessing any other type of visa are not allowed to purchase the Japan Rail Pass. If you do not meet these requirements, fret not.

There are also several regional rail passes catering specifically to long-term foreigners living in Japan (who possess foreign passports but hold different visas like work visas). Alternatively, you have the option of availing yourself of a Japan Bus Pass – These can be utilized by anyone carrying a foreign passport.

Comparing JR Pass to Regional Rail Passes

The Japan Rail (JR) Pass allows unlimited travel on the extensive JR rail network, offering flexibility for your trips. From Tokyo to Hokkaido and down to Kagoshima, you can explore without restrictions. Buying individual tickets for this entire journey would cost more than ¥100,000. This demonstrates the incredible value of the JR pass.

However, there are other regional rail passes specifically designed for certain areas in Japan like Hokkaido, Shikoku or Kyushu rail passes. These passes offer cheaper options compared to nationwide coverage with a JR Pass but don’t include transportation costs within Tokyo itself. Consider whether considering these additional expenses will lead to savings.

It’s worth noting that only specific regional passes allow travel from Tokyo; mainly provided by JR East themselves. If your itinerary focuses primarily on staying in Tokyo and exploring northern regions such as Tohoku and Hokkaido while excluding western cities like Kyoto, choosing a specialized regional pass from JREast may provide greater financial advantages saving yen along your journey

Activating Your JR Pass

To activate your JR Pass, follow these steps:

1. After purchasing a rail pass online from abroad, you will receive an exchange order.

2. Take the exchange order and your passport to either a JR Travel Service Center or designated JR ticket counter (refer to the provided link).

3. Present both documents at the counter for verification.

4. Collect your physical pass from the staff.

5. Inform them of when you would like to start using it – activation can be immediate or scheduled for a later date.

6. Remember that all exchange orders must be activated within three months of purchase.

Helpful tip: Avoid exchanging your pass at airports upon arrival as long queues may cause excessive waiting times

The Sum Up

Here’s the best places to buy your Japan Rail Pass One more time

Vendor Price in USD Shipping Purchase Method
Klook $205 Included Fast Shipping Purchase via Klook
JRPass.com $216 Included Courier Service Purchase on JRPass.com
JTB $216 Free or $13 for courier Reach Out to Local Office
Get Your Guide $222 Included Courier Service Purchase via Get Your Guide
JRailPass.com $216 Included Courier Service Purchase on JRailPass.com

Note: We highly recommend Klook for your JR Pass purchase due to their lowest prices, free global shipping, and great customer service and reviews.